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All of our pedicures include  cleaning, trimming, massaging and polishing. We have a selection of pedicures that will relax and distress you. Choose from our selection that fits best for your needs of either exfoliating, detoxifying, or nourishing your legs and feet.
Relax and choose from our selection of manicures that will help moisturize your hands from either using our oil treatment, hot paraffin wax, and our essence sugar scrub depending on the service that you choose to do. We will trim your nails and cuticles, massage, and polish with your choice of color.


Dipping Powder

Our salon dipping powder is base on a clear dipping powder overlay on your natural nails or extension tip which lengths them. We then polish with gel polish of your choice, therefore you can do fills vs soaking off color dipping powder for every service. Our process is different from color dip but it gives our clients nails more of a natural look and feeling. It will save time on soaking and the service is a faster process.

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