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Treatments and Prices

Look below to choose what is preferable to your needs!


Basic manicure ______________$25

Oil Treatment manicure _______ $30

Essence manicure ___________ $40

Gel Polish manicure __________$40

Kids manicure (10 years and under ) $15

Add Ons:

French _____________________$5

Designs ____________________$5 & up

Paraffin Wax on hands ________ $10

Sugar Scrub ________________ $10

Soak off gel polish ___________  $10

Basic Manicure & Pedicure______ $60


Kids Manicure & Pedicure

(10 years and under) ___________$40




Basic Spa Pedicure____________$35
Heal Treatment Pedicure _______ $45
Tropical Splash Pedicure________$50
Lavender Pedicure____________ $55
Green Tea Pedicure ____________$60
​Essence Pedicure_____________ $65

kids pedicure (10 years and under) $25


Add Ons:

Gel polish on toes  ___________$20

Art Designs_________________$5 and Up
Callus Remover _____________$5

(add on basic pedicure, all other pedicures include the callus remover)

Paraffin wax__________________ $10

Hot Stone____________________ $10

Regular polish change on hands & toes:

Polish change on nails________ $8

Polish change on toenails _____ $10

Add French _________________$5

Add Design _________________$5 & up


Gel Polish change:


Color Gel polish change on nails__$30

Color Gel polish on toenails______$35

*note: to soak off is extra $5 for gel polish change




Polish Change


Acrylic Nails


Full Set with regular polish_______$45

Full Set with Gel Polish__________$50

Ombre full set_________________$70

Color acrylic full set____________ $70


Acrylic Fills:

Regular Fill___________________$33

Fill with Gel Polish______________$40

Soak Off Acrylic_______________ $15


Add Ons:

Gel Glitter & Confetti _________ $5&up

French or Designs____________$5&up

Nail Repair ________________  $5&up

Nail shapes__________________$8

(coffin,stiletto,almond shape)

Chrome, Unicorn chrome___$10 & up

Ombre_________________$10 &nup


Add Ons:

Gel Glitter & Confetti ________ $5 &up

French or Designs___________$5 &up

Nail Repair ________________ $5 &up

Nail shapes_________________$8

(coffin,stiletto,almond shape)

Chrome, Unicorn chrome_____$10

Ombre___________________ $10

Dipping powder


Dipping Powder full set_________$50

Dipping Powder full set with tips__$55

Dipping Powder fill ____________$40

Dipping powder take off________$15

Add Ons:

Gel Glitter & Confetti ________ $5 &up

Designs ___________________$5 &up

Nail Repair ________________ $5 &up

Nail shape_________________$8

(coffin,stiletto,almond shape)

Chrome, Unicorn chrome_____$10

Ombre___________________ $10

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